Multi-room Audio

What is Multi-room Audio

Multi-room audio distribution allows you to enjoy music in every selected room throughout your home using either your own stored audio libraries – ITunes MP3 files or similar – or the music files that you can stream from subscription music providers (Napster, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Groove Music, 8tracks, Guvera, Iheartradio, etc.). There are also thousands of free Internet radio stations to choose from.

This system requires dedicated amplifiers to be installed out of plain sight, ideally in a central, hidden area – an under-used cupboard or in a dedicated AV unit – and the hidden cables to be run and linked to discrete in-ceiling, or to in-wall high specification speakers in each chosen room within your home.
Should you already have a sophisticated hi-fi system in one or more rooms of your house, we can supply a wireless unit to connect your existing amplifier into the new multi-room audio system, and make good use of your existing hi-fi speakers in that room

Most recently, and most exciting, we have recently sourced and installed the latest invisible technology audio speakers which can be plastered over and concealed within your walls – see details below.

Most importantly, our multi-room audio system will allow your family to enjoy your music together, or will enable each family member to play their preferred tracks separately in their own environment without disturbing others.

If you are planning a party, you can pre-select your playlists to set the different moods, and then play your different choices in different rooms. Or you can group all the rooms onto a single playlist for a truly party atmosphere throughout the house.

Best of all, we will install an App on your Smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC which will provide quick and easy access for you all to choose and to control the music playback.

One thing is for sure, you are certain to impress your friends and family with our discrete integrated music, multi-room audio system. It is your sound, designed in your way. There is no visual compromise, and there is no sonic compromise. It is simply just “brilliant sound”

Some of our Multi-room music projects






Music Magic with our Invisible Speaker Range

As mentioned above, 2017 is an exciting time for RB Vision with a new relationship formed with British manufacturing company “Amina”. This Company manufactures invisible speakers that we can fit directly into your wall or ceiling. The speakers can be made invisible because they are designed to be plastered over or covered over with a finish and decorative design of your choice. These amazing speakers can be installed underneath plaster, wood, leather or almost any other decorative finish that you can imagine. So, Amina Technology will allow us to be truly creative with your installation.

Wireless Audio

A wired Speaker system – to link your new music system together – is the perfect choice for new installations. This provides maximum sound quality to suit the acoustics of your rooms with a discreet finish to fit in with your decor.

However, if your requirement is for a retro fit into an existing set of rooms in you house, you may not want the initial mess of “chasing out” walls and lifting floor-boards for us to install the cables. If this is the case, then a wireless system is a great option.

A wireless installation uses Portable speakers which simply plug into your existing power sockets and link to the music streaming system wirelessly. As with the cabled system, you will be playing all the music you want, all over your home and control it from the palm of your hand. Like the wired system you can play the same song in every room in perfect sync or play different songs in different rooms.

Many of the systems we install in existing homes will combine the sound quality of cabled speaker systems in the main living and recreational rooms with the flexibility of the wireless speaker units in the less used rooms.

Whatever music you want, you will be able to just search by albums, artists or songs and play at the touch of a button. Pretty soon, you will be adding music to every part of your life and in every room in your home.

We are experts in award wining, multi-room music systems

Sonos in Your Home

Truly invisible sound

Integrating Multi room audio with a Home Cinema/Media Room

If you have already decided, or are considering commissioning RB Vision to install a Home Cinema or a Media Room in your home, we can easily link your new Cinema speaker and amplifier system with a multi-room sound system to provide audio to the rest of the house. In this way, the Cinema/Media room, when not is use for viewing movies or TV, can become another opportunity to listen to your streamed music or stored music library.

How RB Vision can work with you.

If you are thinking of investing in any type or Multi room audio system, it needs to look right, feel right and sound right. RB Vision constantly strives to design and create the very best customised installations. We will treat your install with pride, and we can help you create the perfect experience in your home.

A project usually begins with a tour of our show rooms in a converted textile mill in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where we can introduce you to the very latest technology in a realistic set of domestic or office room settings. This visit will help us to determine your entertainment needs and will provide answers to any immediate questions you may have. Next we will visit your home, discuss your requirements in your own setting, and start to design a system specifically to meet your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a multi-room audio solution to fit into an existing space, or prefer a completely new customised design, one thing is for sure, a project from RB Vision will create the perfect multi room audio system to provide an eye opening, spellbinding experience.

Why choose RB Vision

As pioneers in multi-room audio systems for over 15 years, we are committed to providing the very best in bespoke Home music systems and to the highest quality to perfectly meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a solution that’s wireless, wired, with visible or invisible speaker, an RB Vision installation will be sure to bring magic to your ears.

At RB Vision we want your room to sound out of this world, to have visual style and functionality!

For over 15 years RB Vision have been designing and installing the most unique state of the art multi-room audio systems for our clients. We have helped them turn their homes into a lifestyle by creating the perfect entertainment areas, and we have many glowing testimonials to support this claim.

Effective design requires a lot of dedication, experience, imagination and expertise. With RB Vision’s inspired knowledge and professionalism, you’re sure to be overwhelmed with the results. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the very best solutions. We look at every project individually, maximise the available space and design with the utmost attention to detail, whatever shape or size, to achieve the optimum level of performance, style and functionality.

At RB Vision, we want your rooms to look right, feel right and sound right!
Why not call us now to arrange a visit to our amazing demonstration facility in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. You will not be disappointed.


Why Choose RB Vision?

  • Over 15 Years of Home Design and Installation Experience
  • Best quality products and cables
  • Experienced and friendly installers
  • Designs to suit you and your space
  • Post installation support

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Cinema Installations

  • How is a Sonos system different to Bluetooth speakers?

    Bluetooth is a short-range wireless solution that works by pairing a Bluetooth speaker to a smart device to access music. Because your smart device and speaker need to be physically close to each other, the wireless range, expandability, and control of a Bluetooth connection can be limited. Sonos speakers connect to one another using the WiFi network in your home. WiFi has greater range and works with multiple devices, which means you can use Sonos to send different music to different speakers at the same time, or the same song (in perfect sync) to all your speakers at once. WiFi also allows you to control any zone using an app on any computer, smartphone or tablet on your network.

  • Will the system work with my existing equipment?

    For an existing component stereo or home cinema systems, a Sonos CONNECT can be links to your existing amplifier or receiver using a standard RCA audio cables. This allows you to stream digital music, control volume and other settings, and send whatever’s playing on your to other to your existing equipment

  • Can I play my personal library of music and playlists through the system?

    The system will stream music from your mobile device via the app, you will see an option in the Main Menu for “This iPhone”, “This iPad” or “This Mobile Device”. This is where you will find the music files and playlists stored on your mobile device. You can also stream music from your desktop by using the the app for laptop and desktop computers, music files can be locate and from playlists on your computer or external hard drive. These will then be added to your Music Library on the app via your network.

  • Can I have speakers outside in my Garden?

    Our speaker units PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 are not weather-rated, but they are durable. They can certainly be used outside, but they’re not designed to live there long term. As long as you’ve got a power outlet and WiFi, you’ve got Sonos.
    If you’re looking for a permanent outdoor area for music, we can use our CONNECT:AMP unit with traditional weather-rated speakers

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