Smart Phone and Tablet Control

Why have Smart Phone and Tablet Control

In today’s modern world the concept of having lots of individual remote controls scattered around the house is a thing of the past, as people opt for an all in one controller, so why not let RB Vision add that little bit of magic with our home control solution.
At RB Vision we design and program using the latest technology and softwarea bespoke remote control for iPad’s, iPhone’s and iPod touch’s, giving you an intuitive touch control solution to control your Sky TV, Blu-ray Players, Media players, audio player, Home Theatre, Lighting, Heating and a whole range of other electrical equipment in your home. The only real limitation is your imagination.

Bespoke Smart Phone/Tablet and Control

Smart Phone/Tablet Lighting Control

A few technical details for the enthusiast

The CENTRO-C is the heart of our control system, providing a link from your tablet or touch screen to all your devices we can control your system with a combination of infrared, RS232, WiFi and wired network devices, low voltage contact closure relay outputs and volt-free digital inputs also allow for control of any other devices within your system.
With the Centro installed its a sure thing it will handle every command sent from your iPad and iPhone to provide true multi-room control, making almost every task possible!

How RB Vision can work with you

RB Vision have been programming bespoke control solutions for control hardware integration for the past 15 years, we are proud of our effective and ease of use control programs, providing the very best services and solutions, we continue to grow and expand in this area.
We feel our solutions speak for themselves and that’s why we give customers the opportunity to try our control solutions out at our demonstration rooms in Huddersfield. Our highly qualified programmers and installers with experience in automation system integration and our technical expertise in Control Solutions is sure to find the best option for you. (Contact RB Vision For a Demonstration Now!)

Why choose RB Vision

For over 15 years RB Vision have been designing and programming the most unique state of the art smart home control systems for our clients. Helping them turn their homes into a lifestyle, our smart phone and tablet control solutions allow easy access and control of there audio visual, CCTV, security and heating systems with amazing flexibility, and we have many glowing testimonials to support this claim.
Effective design requires a lot of dedication, experience, imagination and expertise. With RB Vision’s inspired knowledge and professionalism, you’re sure to be overwhelmed with the results. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the very best solutions. We look at every project individually to maximise the available space, we design with the utmost attention to detail whatever shape or size, to achieve the optimum level of performance, style and functionality.
At RB Vision, we want your home to look right, feel right and sound right!
Why not call us now to arrange a visit to our amazing demonstration facility in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. You will not be disappointed.

“Home cinema, TVs, music, heating, security – control your whole house via your Smart phone or tablet.”








Why Choose RB Vision?

  • Over 15 Years of Home Design and Installation Experience
  • Best quality products and cables
  • Experienced and friendly installers
  • Designs to suit you and your space
  • Post installation support

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Cinema Installations

  • How big does my room have to be?

    At RB Vision we would recomend no smaller than 3 x 4 Meter for a small Projection cinema installation.
    If your Room is smaller than this then we would usually sugest a TV installation.

  • Can I have Cinema Installed in my loft space?

    Yes, a Loft Space can somthimes be an ideal place for a custom build Home Cimema, RB Vision were featured in the August Issue of “Home Cinema Choice Magazine”. the 5 page artical wrote by Mark Craven was titeled “The best seat in the house” Hence – A great Place for your Cinema!

  • Which equipment will you use?
  • How long does it take to install my Cinema?

    A Cinema installation will contain most of the following:
    Projectior, Cinema Screen, AV Amplifier, DPad control, Speakers, Sub Woofer, BluRay Player, Apple TV, Rako Lighting Control if applicable and Seating, an average time is aproxamatly 5 working days to install and comishon a Home Cinema, this does depend on the room it’s self and may take longer if building work of any kind is required

“Perfect, Amazing, Outstanding from start to finish, Thank you RB Vision”

Bev Cook / Barnsly

“Never thought it possible, I am amazed with modern technologie! Thanks RB”

Richard Haigh / Huddersfield

“Fantastic installation & great after sales ★★★★★”

Danny Vilia / Huddersfield

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