TV Bed with Ultra HD TV

TV Bed with Ultra HD TV

Getting it Right

Imagine getting into the comfort of a handmade bed, made to your specification with high quality materials. As you lay there you hit the remote button and a 40″ UHD TV rises from the bed base, Ready to watch your favourite Blu-Ray, DVD or Sky HD channel.
We provide our client an innovative product of the highest quality with a level of service and customer experience that was second to none.


The bed was tailored to their individual needs, and we also offer a full consultancy service to the client that was wishing to take the design to the ultimate level. It reflected the trend for making bedrooms more than just places to sleep, but to relax, listen to music and view movies and live TV. with built in LED back panel and reading lighting with highly efficient low voltage environmentally friendly technology, as well as something of a style statement, we endured in making a bit of a dream combination for our very happy customer!