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we use the leading manufacturer and global supplier of Professional Audio Visual UHD and Data cables.

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Make a smart move, future proof your cabling with RB Vision

RB Vision design and install integrated Home Automation and Audio visual systems, our systems are created specifically to meet the customers requirement, these systems can be controlled automatically or via smartphones, iPads and tablets, they are achieved through careful product selection, clever installation design, meticulous implementation and professional dedication, therefore as new technology’s continue to move on we feel its essential that we install the correct quality and type of cables. There is no getting around it: technology is changing, and as technology continues to grow rapidly, homes run the risk of becoming unable to accommodate the latest products and solutions that make life more affordable, eco-friendly, relaxing and enjoyable to live in. With home builds and renovations, the real solution lies in “future-proofing” an installation from RB Vision allow homeowners to enjoy intelligent mood lighting, smart heating systems, home surveillance systems, UHD TV Distribution, Multiroom Music and much more, all of which can be controlled automatically or via smartphones, iPads and tablets. that’s why we install high quality cables to future-proof your home for the near future.

Below are some explanations.

TV Distribution

It’s always easier to the eye to see an ultra-Slim TV fixed millimetres from the wall with no messy cables visible. Making HD or ultra HD distribution a great solution, HD and UHD distribution systems work via HDBaseT data Cables being installed in the walls around your home, this allows Sky/Cable, Blue-ray, Apple TV, CCTV and other sources to be connected to the distribution system in one area, meaning you can view sources with only the TV is visible in each room.

Multiroom Music

In today’s world multiroom audio systems allow you to play and control music from the palm of your hand, you can play the same song in every room in perfect sync or stream different songs in different rooms, it’s simple, just search albums, artists or songs and play at the touch of a button or even on command of your voice, this is achieved via compact music devices with a Built in amplifier and speakers or separate amplifiers that add a wired solution for a more retro fit and more sonic punch, with the wired solution cables are installed into your walls and ceilings and run to in-walls, in-ceiling or free standing Speakers, at RB Vision we also install speakers that can be plastered into the wall having the effect of invisible speakers.

Home Network & CCTV Systems

This is another must in a modern home, and is something the building industry seem to overlook. A common network used with home technology is Ethernet and wireless which uses a wireless router, houses over a certain size may require network access points for additional wireless coverage, in most cases home technology requires a good capable network to manage IP CCTV cameras, remote heating controls, music systems, intelligent lighting, gaming consoles, tablets and smart phones. With an RB Vision install your sure to cover all bases

Intelligent Mood Lighting

Why settle for ordinary home lighting when intelligent and energy saving lighting control systems are available? Intelligent lighting will create an automated or controlled environment you’ll enjoy. Light effects are used both physiologically and emotionally and can boost your health and happiness. you cannot control the weather outside but, through modern technology, you can control the interior ambience enhancing the mood and feeling in your home, and all at the touch of a button.

Home Cinema Installations

Home cinema and media rooms are becoming the in thing in modern home living, if you decide on this route, a cinema room that looks right, feels right and sounds right is the key, remember that the location of speakers is very important as well as lighting, seating, windows, screen, projector and other AV equipment.

In addition to all of the above, new homes and renovations that cannot keep up with the updates in technology run the risk of losing value and become far less desirable to prospective buyers in the future. Pay attention and you’ll be glad you invested the time and money in RB Vision in the first fix stages!