Multiroom Audio

Enjoy your music in every room

Multiroom Audio distribution allows you to enjoy music throughout your home, our intergrated installations work through the installation of Amplifiers in a hidden area of your house (under the stairs, in a cupboard or dedicated AV unit) RB Vision will first-fix and hide all Speaker cables within your home, second-fix starts with the install of discrete in-ceiling or in-wall high quality speakers ready for you to experience the true sound quality, we even install the latest invisible technology audio speakers that can be plastered over and concealed within your walls.
The system gives you instant access to millions of songs and stations – including your own music libraries like iTunes, thousands of free Internet radio stations, and the most popular online music services such as Napster and Spotify. Simply grab your iPhone, iPad or Tablet, pick a room, find a song and play.
One thing is for sure, your certain to impress your friends and family with our discrete integrated system.

Music Magic with our Invisible Speaker Range

2017 is an exciting time for RB Vision with a new relationship being formed with British manufacturing company “Amina”. Amina make invisible speakers that we can fit directly into your wall or ceiling, the speakers are designed to be plastered over the top with the finish and design of your choice. Designed to be installed under plaster, wood, leather or almost anything you can imagine, Amina Technology allow use to get creative with your install. It’s your sound, your way. No visual compromise. No sonic compromise. Its simply just “brilliant sound”

Wireless Audio

If its retro fit you require and don’t want the mess of chasing out walls and lifting floor-boards for cabling, then a wireless option is a great option, it uses Portable speakers that simply plug into your existing power sockets play, playing all the music you want, all over your home and controlled from the palm of your hand. Like the wired system you can play the same song in every room in perfect sync or play different songs in different rooms. Whatever music you want, just search by albums, artists or songs and play at the touch of a button, you can add music to every part of your life and every room in your home.

Sonos in Your Home

Truly invisible sound

As pioneers in multiroom music systems for over 15 years, we are committed to providing the very best in bespoke Home music systems and to the highest quality to perfectly meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a solution that’s wireless, wired, with visible or invisible speaker, an RB Vision installation will be sure to bring magic to your ears.

At RB Vision we want your room to sound out of this world, to have visual style and functionality!

“The award wining, amazing Multiroom music system, play music indoors or out, activate with a tap of your finger or with the sound of your voice!”.







Why Choose RB Vision?

  • Over 15 Years of Home Design and Installation Experience
  • Best quality products and cables
  • Experienced and friendly installers
  • Designs to suit you and your space
  • Post installation support

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Cinema Installations

  • How big does my room have to be?

    At RB Vision we would recomend no smaller than 3 x 4 Meter for a small Projection cinema installation.
    If your Room is smaller than this then we would usually sugest a TV installation.

  • Can I have Cinema Installed in my loft space?

    Yes, a Loft Space can somthimes be an ideal place for a custom build Home Cimema, RB Vision were featured in the August Issue of “Home Cinema Choice Magazine”. the 5 page artical wrote by Mark Craven was titeled “The best seat in the house” Hence – A great Place for your Cinema!

  • Which equipment will you use?
  • How long does it take to install my Cinema?

    A Cinema installation will contain most of the following:
    Projectior, Cinema Screen, AV Amplifier, DPad control, Speakers, Sub Woofer, BluRay Player, Apple TV, Rako Lighting Control if applicable and Seating, an average time is aproxamatly 5 working days to install and comishon a Home Cinema, this does depend on the room it’s self and may take longer if building work of any kind is required

“Perfect, Amazing, Outstanding from start to finish, Thank you RB Vision”

Bev Cook / Barnsly

“Never thought it possible, I am amazed with modern technologie! Thanks RB”

Richard Haigh / Huddersfield

“Fantastic installation & great after sales ★★★★★”

Danny Vilia / Huddersfield

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