Intelligent Lighting

Why settle for ordinary home lighting in your home when advance lighting control systems are available? Light effects are used both physiologically and emotionally and can boost our health and happiness. We cannot control the weather outside but, through Rako’s pioneering, modern technology, we can control the interior ambiance of your home or business to help create the perfect lighting environment for you. Whether you want to help improve the performance and aesthetics in the workplace or simply enhance the mood and feeling in your home, we can help you achieve anything you desire, in any environment, all at the touch of a button. RB Vision offers a whole range of solutions from PIR Occupancy switching with daylight linked dimming control, outdoor lighting, to multiple zone lighting and intelligent lighting systems.

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Rako Blind Control

Intelligent Lighting

The push button system allow two, or multi-way control and can be controlled from hand-held remotes, as well as the new generation of Smart phones. Digital communication means system integration is easily achievable, linking lighting to audio-visual, security and home controllers, including control of curtains, blinds and screens.  Advanced technologies allow control of all light fittings, including the dimming of LED’s fluorescent lighting and low voltage fittings, saving energy and increasing lamp life as lamps are dimmed. we offers a number of installation options including wireless control for ease of installation and retro-fit applications. More complex projects may suit the wired network with centralised control units, or acombined systems giving a mix of both. The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means we can offer the best possible approach for any project, this wireless solution also offers a safety net should future circuits are needed, or extra wall-plates be required after walls are plastered and decorated.

Intelligent Lighting

RB Vision are here to help you create an automated environment you’ll enjoy. Being approved installers of Rako, we can install and program lighting control systems to provide the whole lighting solution throughout your home, in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, swimming pools, home theaters, halls, landings, gardens and any other areas needed, Rako lighting controls are designed for new installations and existing with ease of installation and without the need for complete re-wiring. Our lighting installations make the Smart Home dream a reality, the system offers the user the ability to recall a scene, or lighting mood at the touch of a single button, controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits are split to define zones and highlight room features, allowing the you the end user the ability to programmed your own scenes to suit the different areas of your Home.  Advanced programming features allow master off control from any keypad or maybe a button to create a welcome home scene. The addition of a system time-clock module provides ‘Holiday Mode’ security, timed events and astro dawn/dusk programming are also available.

Smart Energy Saving

One of the greatest benefits of making your home smart is how it can control your home from any location, but Smart lighting also can save you energy, and saving energy saves you money,
A house that automatically turns off your lights, turns down the heating and learns from your lifestyle is no longer a dream, with remote and local control, timed functionality, occupant switching, smart heating thermostats and lighting control system, we can provide a great solution to save you energy, time and money on your annual electricity bill.

RB Vision are approved installers for Rako for have been for over 12 years, we have been designing, installing and programing the most unique state of the art intelligent Lighting Installations for our clients, turning their homes into a lifestyle we strive to provide the very best in lighting control.

“General, Task or Accent Lighting, with our successful lighting Designs we us multiple types of lighting to achieve your visual goal!”.






Why Choose RB Vision?

  • Over 15 Years of Home Design and Installation Experience
  • Best quality products and cables
  • Experienced and friendly installers
  • Designs to suit you and your space
  • Post installation support

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Cinema Installations

  • How big does my room have to be?

    At RB Vision we would recomend no smaller than 3 x 4 Meter for a small Projection cinema installation.
    If your Room is smaller than this then we would usually sugest a TV installation.

  • Can I have Cinema Installed in my loft space?

    Yes, a Loft Space can somthimes be an ideal place for a custom build Home Cimema, RB Vision were featured in the August Issue of “Home Cinema Choice Magazine”. the 5 page artical wrote by Mark Craven was titeled “The best seat in the house” Hence – A great Place for your Cinema!

  • Which equipment will you use?
  • How long does it take to install my Cinema?

    A Cinema installation will contain most of the following:
    Projectior, Cinema Screen, AV Amplifier, DPad control, Speakers, Sub Woofer, BluRay Player, Apple TV, Rako Lighting Control if applicable and Seating, an average time is aproxamatly 5 working days to install and comishon a Home Cinema, this does depend on the room it’s self and may take longer if building work of any kind is required

“A huge thank you to Richard and Darren for helping us achieve the most amazing cinema and home automation system in our new build. It was a big project but with their patience, professionalism and general passion and vision for a smarter living, they were able to help us create our dream home” ★★★★★

Bev Cook / Barnsly

“Never thought it possible, I am amazed with modern technologie! Thanks RB” ★★★★★

Richard Haigh / Huddersfield

“Absolutely excellent service. Rb Vision updated our cinema and home entertainment system. We were able to keep our existing tv and projector as they fine tuned them to produce an excellent and improved picture and sound quality” ★★★★★

Danny Vilia / Huddersfield

“Absolutely excellent service. RB Vision updated our cinema and home entertainment system. We were able to keep our existing tv and projector as they fine tuned them to produce an excellent and improved picture and sound quality” ★★★★★

Pat Docherty / Huddersfield

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