Intelligent Mood Lighting

The lighting systems that we have all inherited.

Many homes, ancient or modern, still use standard lighting systems – pendant lights and on/off wall switches. An increasing number will have supplemented these fittings with down lights in some rooms, and with dimmer switches to control the mood. The phasing out of tungsten filament and fluorescent lights in favour of halogen spotlights – and more recently by LED spotlights and LED strips – has brought some modern lighting options to many homes.

However, such changes – whether forced, or by choice – may still be missing an opportunity to radically improve the control, the versatility, and the sheer pleasure of lighting your home for improved convenience, lifestyle and energy saving – using intelligent lighting techniques.

What is Intelligent Lighting

In your perfectly lit home, you can have waterproof up-lighters in your driveway, decorative lighting in surrounding gardens that switch on automatically when you or your guests approach, plus security lights that are sufficiently discreet to welcome you but are sufficiently prominent to deter unwanted burglars, and garage lighting to provide safe and secure access for your vehicles. These detector systems can be linked to automatic gate and garage door openers, and for automatic operating of curtains and other devices and appliances, if appropriate.

On entering your home, your chosen lighting systems can switch on automatically, or according to your chosen timed lighting programme – which can take into account and adjust for the ambient lighting levels in each room. You can then have access – via a range of decorative screw-less and discrete wall switches, or an App on your hand-held phone, watch, tablet and laptop, – to a wide range of mood lighting systems in all the chosen rooms of your house – individually or as a group of spaces. Mood lighting systems offer you the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting at the touch of a single button despite controlling multiple circuits and lamp types, highlighting room features that suit the different uses of a space. Coloured lighting is fully available and controllable, and movement sensors can automate the switching of lights (and other devices) in each room, where appropriate. For example, at night, you and your family can be led towards the bathrooms using dimmed, floor level lighting.

If you are planning to install a Home Cinema, or create a Media Room in your home, the use of intelligent lighting can play a key role in setting the mood for watching movies, TV or listening to your favourite music tracks. Your parties will become an amazing experience for you and your friends, particularly if you are including multi-room audio systems in your installation.

Finally, whilst you are away from home – at work, or on holiday, for example – the lighting (and switching of devices) can be pre-programmed or events can simply be recorded and played back to give the impression of occupancy.

This technology, and the behind the scenes programming, are the essence of intelligent lighting. So why settle for ordinary home lighting when light effects can be used both physiologically and emotionally, and can boost your health and happiness.

Some of our intelligent lighting installs





Our intelligent lighting systems

Mood Lighting

Rako Blind Control

Smart Energy Saving

Intelligent lighting, used in a smart manner, can also can save you energy and, as is increasingly important, saving energy saves you money – as well as saving the planet. A system that automatically turns off your lights, turns down your heating, and learns and adjusts to your lifestyle, is no longer a dream. Using remote and local control, timed functionality, occupant switching, smart heating thermostats and lighting control system, we can provide a great solution to save you energy, time and money off your annual electricity bill.

A few technical details for the enthusiast.

Our push button solution allow two, or multi-way control and can be controlled from hand-held remotes, as well as the new generation of Smart phones. Digital communication means system integration is easily achievable, linking lighting to audio-visual, security and home controllers, including control of curtains, blinds and screens.

Advanced technologies allow control of all light fittings, including the dimming of LED’s fluorescent lighting and low voltage fittings, saving energy and increasing lamp life as lamps are dimmed. we offers a number of installation options including wireless control for ease of installation and retro-fit applications. More complex projects may suit the wired network with centralised control units, or combined systems giving a mix of both. The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means we can offer the best possible approach for any project, this wireless solution also offers a safety net should future circuits are needed, or extra wall-plates be required after walls are plastered and decorated.

Our lighting installations make the smart Home dream a reality. The systems offers the user the ability to recall a scene or a lighting mood at the touch of a single button, controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits are split to define zones and highlight room features allowing you, the end user if you so choose, the ability to programme your own scenes to suit the different areas of your Home. We can provide the appropriate training and guidance, where appropriate. Advanced programming features allow master off control from any keypad or maybe a button to create a welcome home scene. The addition of a system time-clock module provides ‘Holiday Mode’ security. Timed events and astro dawn/dusk programming are also fully available.

How RB Vision can work with you.

If you are thinking of investing in any type of Intelligent Lighting system, it needs to look right, feel right and be right. RB Vision constantly strives to design and create the very best customised installations. We will treat your install with pride, and we can help you create the perfect experience in your home.

A project usually begins with a tour of our show rooms in a converted textile mill in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where we can introduce you to the very latest technology in a realistic set of domestic or office room settings. This visit will help us to determine your entertainment and lighting needs and will provide answers to any immediate questions you may have. Next, we will visit your home, discuss your requirements in your own setting, and start to design a system specifically to meet your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a solution to fit into an existing space, a new build or renovation, one thing is for sure, a lighting project from RB Vision will create the perfect ambiance in your home .

Why choose RB Vision

At RB Vision, we want your home to look right, feel right and be right! We are here to help you create an automated environment that you will enjoy.
Being approved installers of Rako – the major supplier of intelligent lighting equipment – for over 12 years, we can install and program lighting control systems to provide the whole lighting solution throughout your home, in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, swimming pools, home theatres, halls, landings, gardens and any other areas. Rako lighting controls are designed both for new houses and for existing homes, with ease of installation and without the need for complete re-wiring.

We have a very successful track record of designing, installing and programming the most unique state of the art intelligent lighting Installations for our clients, turning their homes into a lifestyle that they could only previously dream about – and we have many glowing testimonials from delighted customers to back up our claim.

Why not call us now to arrange a visit to our amazing demonstration facility in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. You will not be disappointed.


Why Choose RB Vision?

  • Over 15 Years of Home Design and Installation Experience
  • Best quality products and cables
  • Experienced and friendly installers
  • Designs to suit you and your space
  • Post installation support

Frequently Asked Questions about Intelligent Lighting systems

  • Does Rako work with LED Lamps?

    Rako products do work with LED bulbs. our system offers switching of non dimmerble LED lamps and will also control and dim a large range of dimmable LED lamps.

  • How does Rako compare with other brands?

    The great this about our solutions is that Rako lighting systems offers the same high end level of features, and product ranges you would expect from system that costs considerably more, Rako also has the advantage of being able to combine wired and wireless lighting options, and is perfect for any size project

  • Which equipment will you use?

    We only use top Brands and are very meticulous on our material choice, we strongly advise our customers to visit our showroom in Huddersfield for a demonstration of the equipment they intend to buy, this is also an opportunity to view the attention to detail we take with our projects

  • Does my Rako system come with a warranty?

    Rako offers a 2 year return to base warranty on all products when they have been purchased direct from RB Vision. Additionally we offer a 2 year service to replace any Rako products that have been supplied and installed by RB Vision that may go faulty, our engineers will also assist with commissioning or programming once re-installed.

“A huge thank you to Richard and Darren for helping us achieve the most amazing cinema and home automation system in our new build. It was a big project but with their patience, professionalism and general passion and vision for a smarter living, they were able to help us create our dream home” ★★★★★

Bev Cook / Barnsly

“Never thought it possible, I am amazed with modern technologie! Thanks RB” ★★★★★

Richard Haigh / Huddersfield

“Absolutely excellent service. Rb Vision updated our cinema and home entertainment system. We were able to keep our existing tv and projector as they fine tuned them to produce an excellent and improved picture and sound quality” ★★★★★

Danny Vilia / Huddersfield

“Absolutely excellent service. RB Vision updated our cinema and home entertainment system. We were able to keep our existing tv and projector as they fine tuned them to produce an excellent and improved picture and sound quality” ★★★★★

Pat Docherty / Huddersfield

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