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Home Cinema and Media Rooms

Home cinema and media rooms are fast becoming the in thing in modern day living and if you’re thinking of investing in one, it needs to looks right, feels right and sounds right. RB Vision constantly strive to design and create the very best bespoke Media and Home Cinema Installations, treating your install with pride. we can help you create the perfect cinema experience in your home.
A project begins with a tour of our show rooms where we will determine your entertainment needs, next we will visit your home, look at your requirements and design a system specifically to meet your requirements. As pioneers in home Cinema and Media rooms for over 15 years, we are committed to providing the very best in bespoke visual sound systems, whether you’re looking for a solution to fit into an existing space, or a completely new customised design. One thing is for sure, a project from RB Vision will create the perfect Home Cinema or Media Room to assure an eye opening, spellbinding experience.

“RB Vision understand it so important to keep up with the latest formats” (Dolby Vision and Atmos)

Dolby Vision

Dolby Atmos Sound

Media Rooms

Close your eyes and envisioned the perfect place to kick off your shoes, sit back, relax, entertain guests, or enjoy a movie night with the family. As media rooms and home theatres become an increasingly popular feature in homes and with thousands of options to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. If you’re planning to have a media room in your home, RB Vision can provide that comfortable and entertaining space for that great night with family members and guests. whatever the shape or size, we ensure we will achieve the optimum level of performance, style and functionality.

Enhance your viewing experience with a Home Cinema/Media Room

The design possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a Home Cinema/media room, as some people like a more social experience when watching their media, for instance, watching a movie, favourite TV series or sports with the lights up, maybe you want to chat with friends, read or entertain the kids. If this is the case, a cinema/media room may be a better option for you, with OLED or LED TV’s the lighting won’t interfere with the screen like with a projection system and is a great option when socialising. Our combined cinema/media rooms incorporate a fixed TV, Dolby sound system, hidden projector that will appear from the ceiling, and electric projector screen that slowly lower itself to create that big screen experience. So, when you do want to drop the lights, sit back and relax with that blockbuster movie or the all-important football match of the month, its ready and waiting at the touch of a button

Dedicated Home Cinema

Imagine having your very own movie theatre in your house. Some of our clients don’t have to imagine, as they have their very own private cinema. RB Vision’s dedicated cinema installations are intended for the home cinema enthusiast, who can dedicate an area within their home for viewing and listening to a higher visual and sound quality. As pioneers in home Cinema for over 15 years, we are committed to providing the very best in bespoke Home Cinemas to the highest quality to perfectly meet your requirements. Movie fanatic’s will revel in our range of powerful projector’s, with a combination of high-end technologies that come together to deliver exceptional image quality with dynamic contrast ratio’s as high as 1,000,000:1, bosting 4K, 4K-enhancement, 3LCD, UHD BD and HDR technology support for an amazing picture quality and ultimate home cinema experience. With our large selection of Dolby Atmos receivers and careful Speaker selection, sound will move all around you in three-dimensional space to transport you into a movie with breath taking realism. Whether you’re looking for a solution to fit into an existing space, or a completely new customised design, an installation from RB Vision is sure to produces that breath-taking experience.

Dedication, Experience and Expertise

For over 15 years RB Vision have been designing and installing the most unique state of the art Home Cinema’s and Media rooms for our clients, turning their homes into a lifestyle, we will create your perfect area. Design requires a lot of dedication, experience, expertise and with RB Vision’s inspired imagination you’re sure to be overwhelmed with the results, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver in very best solutions. We look at every project individually, maximise the available space, design with the utmost attention to detail, whatever shape or size, to achieve the optimum level of performance, style and functionality. At RB Vision, we want your room to look right, feel right and sound right!

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“One thing is for sure, you can trust in RB Vision, we design, supply, install and setup, all you’ll need to do is provide the Drinks and Popcorn”.







Why Choose RB Vision?

  • Over 15 Years of Home Design and Installation Experience
  • Best quality products and cables
  • Experienced and friendly installers
  • Designs to suit you and your space
  • Post installation support

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Cinema Installations

  • How big does my room have to be?

    At RB Vision we would recommend no smaller than 3 x 4 Meter for a small projection cinema installation.
    If your room is smaller than this then we would usually suggest a TV installation.

  • Can I have Cinema Installed in my loft space?

    Yes, a loft Space can sometimes be an ideal place for a custom build Home Cimema, RB Vision were featured in the August Issue of “Home Cinema Choice Magazine”. the 5 page article written by Mark Craven was titled “The best seat in the house” Hence – A great place for your cinema!

  • Which equipment will you use?
  • How long does it take to install my Cinema?

    A Cinema installation will contain most of the following:
    Projectior, Cinema Screen, AV Amplifier, DPad control, Speakers, Sub Woofer, BluRay Player, Apple TV, Rako Lighting Control if applicable and Seating, an average time is approximately 5 working days to install and commission a Home Cinema, this does depend on the room it’s self and may take longer if building work of any kind is required.

“A huge thank you to Richard and Darren for helping us achieve the most amazing cinema and home automation system in our new build. It was a big project but with their patience, professionalism and general passion and vision for a smarter living, they were able to help us create our dream home.” ★★★★★

Bev Cook / Barnsley

“Never thought it possible, I am amazed with modern technology! Thanks RB” ★★★★★

Richard Haigh / Huddersfield

“First class service from start to finish. Highly recommend.” ★★★★★

Danny Vilia / Huddersfield

“Absolutely excellent service. RB Vision updated our cinema and home entertainment system. We were able to keep our existing tv and projector as they fine tuned them to produce an excellent and improved picture and sound quality” ★★★★★

Pat Docherty / Huddersfield

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