IP, 4K and HD CCTV

Whether it’s your home or business, its great to take comfort in knowing that it’s safe and secure. With todays busy lifestyles we are not always able to be on guard 24-hours a day, but thanks to our solutions in CCTV High resolution Camera installations, you can now view crystal clear footage of your premises at home, work or away. With todays modern technology, Network video recorders and HD/UHD distribution systems we can also integrate your cameras with all your TV,s, PC, smartphone and tablet. offering you a whole range or options and flexibility in CCTV security.

Security camera systems
Choosing the right CCTV system can be a daunting task, but with our expertise in wired IP and wireless CCTV systems, we can provide a great solution. With HD and UHD options for the very best picture quality, zero interference, our systems offers recording directly onto a local Network Video Recorder, off site cloud storage options and the flexibility to control your lighting and gate entry system.

4K HD Resolution Cameras

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CCTV Distribution around your Home

Most people hate to see messy cables routed around their homes. It’s so much nicer to have a wall mounted ultra-flat TV installed on your wall, with our HD and UHD distribution systems you can watch and control all your Hi Definition entertainment devices and eliminate the need for all your devices to be plugged directly into each individual TV, This is also a great option for installations with CCTV video network recorders (NVR’s), the systems allows live CCTV images to be viewed and control on any TV in your home. Controlled via a custom programed App for Smart Phones and Tablets, or with your individual remote control.

Let RB Vision designing and install the ultimate CCTV system to meet all your requirements

“Take comfort in knowing that your Home and Business is safe and secure, with access to your CCTV on your smart phone”.


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Frequently Asked Questions about IP, CCTV Installations

  • Why use IP cameras instead of traditional analogue cameras?

    IP cameras connect directly to your network and have their own IP address in the same way as your PC, tablet and many home automation products. This enables them to be integrated in to the rest of your home network allowing you to view the cameras on your TVs, tablets and other mobile devices. They also offer image quality several times better than traditional cameras.

  • What is a 4K camera?

    4K IP cameras are defined as having at least 4,000 (4K) horizontal pixels.  4K cameras from Hikvision all meet this 4K requirement. 4K (sometimes called UHD by TV manufacturers) cameras have at least 4x the resolution of a standard HD camera. This allows you to view the images on a very large screen and pick up small detail not possible on lower resolution cameras. It also enables you to digitally zoom in on an image further before losing quality.

  • Which equipment will you use?

    We are very meticulous on our material choice, and only use quality cable, connectors and cameras, we strongly advise our customers to visit our showroom in Huddersfield for a demonstration of the equipment they intend to buy, this is also an opportunity to view the attention to detail we take with our projects

  • What features do IP cameras have?

    An IP camera is essentially a small computer with a lens and as such can do much more than just transmit an image to a recorder. Some of the features on IP cameras can include number plate recognition for gate control, face detection and virtual tripwires for perimeter security.

  • Are they difficult to install.?

    IP cameras are more complex to set up than traditional cameras, however as they can be connected to existing network cabling and wireless access points around your home there is a lot less disruption.

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